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Today, 97% of all websites lack basic security

This is a shocking statistic particularly as cybercrime incidents increase in sophistication and velocity. We will see browser and search technologies do more to expose sites with inadequate security.
In fact, today we see:

  • The browser community is pushing for HTTPS as a standard
  • Free DV SSL offers becoming popular
  • Secure pages receive better search ranking
  • Green address baresultsr has become a standard for Enterprise web presence

ssl_logo What you get

Introducing Encryption Everywhere: a comprehensive portfolio in a single platform

Symantec Encryption Everywhere changes the game. Symantec’s Encryption Everywhere platform provides a unified approach to security integration, automation and management.

Our Basic Encryption certificates, which should be referred to as Complimentary encryption,“Complimentary certificate” or “Complimentary SSL”, offer the following features:

Complimentary Certificates

  • No-charge Domain Validated SSL certificate based off GeoTrust root
  • Fully automatable – no manual process at any point
  • No pending order states
  • RSA 2048-Bit Key Size
  • SHA2 Full and Mixed Chain (SHA2 EE and ICAs with either SHA1 or SHA2 root)

Effect of SSL certificate

1. Prevention of information leakage (sniffing prevention)
When accessing a site that does not have SSL installed on a PC using a public network such as a school, a PC room, or a company, it is very likely that personal information will be exposed to others. Sniffing is a program that can be easily obtained from peer-to-peer sites. If you use this on a public network, you can easily obtain personal information (ID, PW, e-mail address, resident registration number, phone number, etc.) . SSL is an essential security element essential for e-commerce.

2. Anti-counterfeiting (anti-phishing)
By installing SSL Web Server Certificates and Certificate Seals, you can unveil your identity online. Even if a third party such as a hacker attempts to create a similar site by phishing, the SSL certificate proves to be a real site, which can reduce the damage. In the case of start-up companies, you can gain customer trust by accurately identifying the site operator.

3. Prevention of data tampering
As a kind of crime that arbitrarily modulates the transmission result of information or data in a computer using various communication environments, the possibility of data value being changed due to malicious intervention of a third party is quite high. Examples include changing the payroll at work, modifying the amount of online transfers, or tampering with the student's sexual record, which can be blocked via SSL secure encrypted communications.

4. Improve corporate credibility
You can earn the credibility of being a sizeable company for your customers. You can improve the reliability of the company itself by formally certifying the company and installing the security certification seal. In addition, you can get a visible publicity effect by installing a secure connection check box, which is a company that takes care of security and customer information.

5. Privacy Policy
Currently, all e-commerce sites handling personal information are obliged to take technical measures to protect customer's personal information. In case of personal information leakage accident in case of violation, There is a risk of more economic losses as compensation.

ssl_logo How it works

After completing the certificate application, the code required for certification is shown in the application completion page.You can get the certificate value by selecting one of the following two authentication methods:

"HTTP Authentication"or "DNS TXT record Authentication"

HTTP Authentication

1. Copy the code value that appears on the application completion page.

2. After creating the “fileauth.TXT” file, paste the copied code value and save the file.

3. Upload the TXT file to the path on the server that is running the domain you want to apply this certificate to.

[File title]
fileauth.txt (The file title is fixed to 'fileauth.txt'.)

[File contents]
20180310750c79da27a4de457c20ba196e8b7077 (The contents of the file are for illustration only, and actual values ​​may vary.)

4. The certificate will be issued within 30 minutes after uploading.

DNS TXT record authentication method

1. Copy the code value that appears on the application completion page.

2. Paste the copied value into the TXT record of the domain to which you want to apply the certificate.

3. The certificate will be issued within 30 minutes after setting up.

4. TXT record can be added / changed in domain setting.

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